Monday, August 21, 2017

Home Improvement Projects to Increase Resale Value!

According to recent surveys there are several ways to increase the resale value in your home! However, at Toledo Door And Window - Home of the Talking Door we want to focus on our top three recommended home improvements!

Upgrading your home's exterior entry doors can be easy, fun and inspiring. In the end, curb appeal will help sell your house; realtors will tell you it’s as simple as that. And the way your home looks from the outside from the curb depends a lot on the condition of your front entry door, and the garage door, too.

Most do not know, but it's true...French Entry Doors can add more than light when it comes to your home. If you are considering or just looking for a new special feature to add to your home, consider replacing an entry door or several windows with French doors. Not only will French doors let in more light, but this type of entry door can offer an open feel by providing the illusion of making the whole space feel larger. Plus, French Entry Doors can make for a romantic addition to your home’s listing and realtor's brochure. Add something like...“French doors leading to the garden” — don't you agree...doesn't that hav a nice ring to it!

Another great home improvement AND home investment is to add built-in shelving or cabinets in garages, or anywhere you have the space! New home buyers just love seeing great storage - especially in a garage! Upgrading your garage with storage, entry doors and automatic garage doors can add a lot of appeal — and more importantly even more resale value!

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