Friday, June 21, 2013

Ready for Replacement Windows or a New Entry or Patio Door?

Hello! Hey for you not familiar with me  - I am Doory the Talking Door from Toledo Door and Window. Since 1974 Toledo Door and Window has been a leader in both the Home Improvement and Door and Window Industry. We have the area's largest door and window showroom in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area and a full-service window and door design, service and installation staff.

Which brings me to the reason of my entry today...I hear you are ready (or maybe almost ready) to purchase replacement windows or a new entry or patio door? Well let me start here - in my experience, most homeowners buy replacement windows only once or twice in their life. Replacement windows, new entry doors or patio doors require manufacturing lead time and installation, and can be a complicated purchase if you are not working with a professional window or door company.

That's why I am always proud to be Toledo Door and Window's voice - because at Toledo Door and Window we have the two primary ingredients to a successful window, door or garage door purchase!

What are the two successful ingredients you ask?

Quality products and the professional installation team behind the products.

I know often times I hear that homeowners leave it up to their remodeler or spend hours and days on the Internet searching out the what the best window, door or garage door might be, and sometimes this works and sometimes it does not work. I always recommend to find balance by working with your professional window or door company and doing some personal research through friends, neighbors, books or the Internet. This way you can make an intelligent choice for your next window, door, or garage door purchase that you can live with for the long term enjoyment of your home.

Here are some questions you might want to ask when researching your next replacement window, entry door, patio door or garage door purchase:

1) How long has this manufacturer been making these windows or doors?
2) What is the warranty and what does it cover on the windows or doors?
3) What are the performance reviews on these windows or doors?
4) What are the features of these windows or doors?
5) Tell me about your installation team's experience...are they employees or subcontractors?

Because at Toledo Door and Window we have an expert team window and door sales staff, well experienced door and window installers and top-of-the-line home improvement products for upgrading or replacing any door or window in your home. Our entire team has over 200 years combined experience! Plus, when you buy from Toledo Door and Window you support the "Buy Local" concept on so many levels - read more about our buy local campaign by clicking here!

Check out our online Window - Door Photo Gallery or stop out to our showroom for a consultation today, we are conveniently located at 5153 Secor Road in Toledo, Ohio!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Understanding When It Is Time to Purchase Replacement Windows

Doory here again - and today I would like to share with you a recent conversation I had  with my little brother Wally the Window about Replacement Windows in homes!

Windows, like garage doors and entry doors, have always been one of the most important purchase for any home. At Toledo Door and Window windows are one of our two main focuses too. When it comes to windows we too are concerned about everything from a window's quality and options to a window's price and overalll value. You will find the window is as important to Toledo Door and Window as we feel it probably is to your home!

Recently Wally the Window and I was chatting about when and how to know when it is time to begin considering Replacement Windows - not to mention how is that some companies can sell a window for $189! Wally explained there are signs to look for when considering replacement windows.

Signs for Needing Replacement Windows Include:

AppearanceDeterioration, rot, paint pealing, and water stains are great first level signs windows need replacing. Secondary is the age of design. Even the overall design of the window can be a telltale sign of the technology and energy efficiency behind a window from the glass to the sash or frame, and in the end the window's efficiency might not be all you might hope and consider the window in your home to have.

Wind drafts, exterior sound, warm or cool spots in rooms, pealing paint on the outside, difficulties opening and closing windows, fogging, leaks, condensation in or around windows are strong reasons to replace windows in your home. If considering a home purchase and you see windows that are nailed shut or are painted shut - buyer beware of the hidden cost of replacement windows in your future.

Amount of Panes
Single panes are definitely not saving you any money when it comes to your energy bills versus today’s energy-efficient double-pane or triple-pane glazing windows available.

Other Signs of Window Problems:
- cannot maintain an even temperatures in room or overall home
- hear whistling sounds in rooms of home
- window glass is cold to the touch of your hand
- energy bill increase without any reasonable explanation

So You Need Replacement Windows?
Read our next blog - How to Purchase Replacement Windows! We will debunk some myths and walk you through from a to z how to get the most value for your home when you replace your windows in home.