Friday, December 16, 2016

Peace of Mind for Your Family When It Comes to Windows!

Provia windows provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind with innovative window operating control devices! Child safety latches allow the homeowner to control, or limit, the window opening.

Did You Know?

The ASTM F2090-2010 standard requires that windows in some geographical locations where young children are at risk of injury from falling, be equipped with a window opening control device.

Child window safety should not be by accident.

What's the ASTM F2090-2010?

Year after year children in the United States many are injured or even killed by falling through open windows. These type of incidents are regularly reported in the news and on social media. Changes to building legislation have been desperately needed for some time.

The window industry has tirelessly worked to better improve the overall safety of windows through various organizations such as the Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council. These efforts developed a new standard – ASTM F2090 - 2008 and 2010!

The new standard includes window opening control devices that permit emergency escape and rescue and it has been used as the basis for Laela’s Law, which is a state-wide window safety law in Minnesota.

Window opening control devices have moved on from window guards and screens to these low costing and most incredibly effective. The new latches do not detract from the appearance or overall function of the window.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

A Touch of Design with Decorative Glass!

ProVia Windows and Doors offers several decorative glass options in a range of styles for both windows and doors. The hand-beveled decorative glass is accented with a variety of unique glass options by precisely cutting, mitering and soldering each window and glass component into an artistically designed pattern of your choosing!

We like to say it is decorative art glass because it offers visual character through aesthetic imperfections that mimic hand-made custom sheet glass of centuries past. You will discover textural waves and striations, random seeds or air bubbles, and other natural effects.

You will discover each decorative glass panel is hand-made and reflects minor differences from glass piece to glass piece. This ProVia and Toledo Door and Window feels is a beautiful characteristic of any hand-crafted product and will add to the charm and beauty of any home.

Plus, you will never have to wonder when working with Toledo Door and Window when it comes quality of our windows or entry doors! Every order of windows and entry doors is inspected for quality and consistency before they are installed in your home. Are you ready to learn more? Call Toledo Door and Window now at 419-475-3667 or learn more on our website at!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why Replace Your Windows In Your Home?

There are multiple reasons why homeowners replace their windows. Here are the top 10 reasons Toledo Door And Window has found over the years of working with customers in Toledo, Ohio:

1. Energy Efficient - The weakest link in a home for energy loss will always be the windows. You can realistically expect to save 15-20% or more on utility bills with replacement windows. Older homes with windows that have single pane glass will achieve the most savings, and will only continue to compound as the years go on. Newer homes with inexpensive windows can also have large energy drains. As windows get older the low quality parts wear out and lose their effectiveness in keeping out the heat and cold.

2. Maintenance Free – Most replacement window manufacturers today offer an exterior window requiring little or no maintenance. Other than regular cleaning and inspection on an annual basis, you should enjoy many years of worry free maintenance.

3. Easy to Clean – Today the amount of airborne particles in the air are extremely common. Dirty windows reduce the amount of visible light transmittance, therefore, the ability to clean your windows is more important than ever. Today's replacement windows feature new ways to assist in the cleaning process, such as easy tilt in sashes and casement windows that crank out and over to allow cleaning from the inside. Other replacement windows offer exterior glass coatings to keep windows cleaner, longer.

4. Aesthetics or Curb Appeal – New replacement windows can provide a new or updated look with great resale value. The replacement windows can also be matched to your original home to blend in architecturally while providing great energy savings. There are so many new options for color, hardware, grids, and interiors you can truly personalize your replacement windows to match your individual tastes and needs.

5. Comfort – The elimination of cold drafts and hot spots in the home throughout the entire year is a great benefit of replacement windows. Replacement windows offer comfort through energy efficiency with reflective properties to help keep radiant heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.

6. Noise Reduction – Double and triple pane glass, Low E coatings, Argon, Krypton gas, and modern weather stripping all contribute to a quieter home when you upgrade your home with replacement windows.

7. Safety – Today’s replacement windows have easy to use features that provide a fast escape in case of fire. Ease of operation, easy tilt latches and the ability to totally remove sashes can provide you with peace of mind too. In addition, tempered glass provides protection in high traffic and hazardous areas where there is danger of falling through the glass.

8. Durability – Quality replacement windows are built with the latest technological advances offering many years of trouble free performance, low maintenance, energy savings, and even limited lifetime warranties.

9. Re-sale Value – Replacement windows enhance a homes value and are one of many value rating points for appraisers. Depending on the replacement windows chosen you can expect to recoup 40-75% of the cost of replacement windows.

10. UV protection – Natural light from the sun produces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to both humans and home furnishings. Fading of carpet, furniture, floors, and curtains is common with old windows. Replacement windows can drastically reduce the amount of UV rays coming through a window.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Come Take A Tour of Toledo Door And Window in 3D!

Yes! You guessed it Toledo Door And Window has gone 3-D! You can now tour our famous 3000 plus square foot showroom featuring full size garage doors, windows, and home entry door samples in the comfort of your choice of place or space...on your computer...on your tablet, or on the go with your notebook!

You will find Toledo Door And Window taking you on a virtual tour through the vast showroom with important insights and highlights on all the full size window and door samples. Starting at the entrance, you will quickly enjoy the realness of the showroom with the learning hot spots about windows, garage doors, entry doors and more! All awhile discovering the vastness of why you should consider Toledo Door And Window for your next replacement window, entry door or garage door.

To experience the Toledo Door And Window tour in VR (virtual-reality) or 360 format, click here now Toledo 3-D Tour Link!

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Summertime Fun At Toledo Door!

It's that time again! The Toledo Door and Window Annual Summer Cruise-In!

Make sure to plan on coming out to the Toledo Door and Window Showroom on Saturday - August 27th, 2016!

Registration begins at 1:00 PM with Awards and Prizes at 5:00 PM!

Summer Cruise-In Event Includes:

  • Cruise on over and show us your stuff - - You could win CASH! $10.00 Registration Fee
  • Burgers, Hot Dogs and Sodas For Sale
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • Oldies Music
  • Live Radio Broadcast by K-100’s Shores & Steele 2-4 PM

ALL proceeds will benefit Diabetes Youth Services of Toledo. CASH Awards for BEST CUSTOM and BEST ORIGINAL Cars! PLUS Random drawings for other Prizes...So...Cruise on over, and show us your stuff--You could win CASH!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Need Replacement Windows? No Problem!

Many agree you only want to replace your windows once in your lifetime. Replacement windows are a large investment if your home has a lot of windows. Older homes can have upwards of 20 to 30 depending on how many bedrooms, while new homes may not have as many. Here are our top 3 tips on choosing the right replacement window for your home:

1) When considering any window first pay close attention to the overall window construction. Keep in mind not all replacement windows are created equal. Construction quality will determine how long the replacement window will last. If you stop out at our showroom we can show you how at Toledo Door and Window we offer performance and design with quality built into the construction of the overall replacement window with Provia and Sunrise Windows.

2) It is assumed by many, energy efficiency is determined solely by the amount of panes in the replacement window. This is not completely true. It begins with the quality of the glass, because not all glass is made the same way. This is why the best answer is to check out an ENERGY STAR® label on qualifying replacement window.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has certain criteria for its ENERGY STAR® rating system. This can be seen through the product’s potential for gaining and losing heat, as well as transmitting sunlight into your home. The NFRC performance ratings include: U-Factor (insulation factor), Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC),
Air Leakage (AL), Visible Transmittance (VT) (amount of light the window lets through), and Condensation Resistance (how well the window resists water build-up).

At Toledo Door and Window you will fast discover we have all types of quality windows to meet any need or budget, including custom sizes for special places.

3) Many companies offer a “lifetime” warranty, but what does that really include? Know what your warranty covers. You will always know at Toledo Door and Window what you are investing in for your home and be rest assured that you made the right choice.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Did You Know Garage Doors Come With Limitless Design Options

Yes! Lets begin with colors...Your color options are literally limitless. Amarr offers a limited number of pre-painted steel doors. But if you want to customize the color, steel doors are ready to be painted with off-the-shelf exterior latex paint in any color you want to dream up!

Love the warmth of wood? No problem! Amarr wood doors come in their natural finish, but are ready for staining or painting in any shade you want or need to match too!

Ready to accessorize? Look no further than to Amarr for a myriad of offerings to bring out the style of door you are looking for to make your statement! Which is why the hardware accessories that are available with your garage door most often depend on the style of door you choose. Carriage house doors feature options for decorative handles and decorative strap hinges. The clean lines of a modern or traditional garage door may not need any embellishment. In the end it is all up to you and the style you are trying to achieve!

AND have windows or not to have windows is the real question! Windows not only bring natural light into your garage, they add another layer of style and sophistication to your garage doors. There are many decorative windows options — from contemporary designs to ornamental faux wrought iron to Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired colors and patterns — creating a garage door that fits your style and compliments the design of your home.

That is why you need a professional door guide....and Toledo Door and Window is just that! Toledo Door and Window offers the largest showroom nestled in Toledo Ohio and the most skilled and knowledgeable staff who are ready to guide you to the perfect door for your home today!

Not ready? No problem start by taking a virtual tour on our website by clicking this simple link now: Virtual Tour Link! Then, after your creative juices start flowing and you want more visit Toledo Door and Window at 5153 Secor Road in Toledo, Ohio!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Have You Ever Considered Replacing Your Patio Door?

Installing a new patio door can change everything from your current view to lowering your high energy bills. Most homeowners do not realize aging patio doors can become not just difficult to open and close, but a large source for drafts and energy inefficiency! 

The patio door is an opportunity to bring the outdoors into your home and connect the backyard with your lifestyle! Yes, the classic patio door is typically a double wide opening of framed glass panels - one side that is fixed and the other side sliding. However, looking deeper into the patio door, it also creates a spacious feeling and connects the indoors with the outdoors in a magical and most visual way. That is why your door selection is so important!

At Toledo Door and Window a wide range of styles available to replace your old sliding patio door! Call Toledo Door and Window for Expert Door and Window Advice now at 419-475-DOOR (3667) or shop for your new patio door, retractable awning, entry door, garage door, or windows on the web at now

Monday, April 11, 2016

Top 4 Reasons to Call Today for a Retractable Awning

There's a reason Toledo Door and Window is Home of the Talking Door...we know everything when it comes to doors and windows and everything that connects the outdoors to the indoors. Did you know retractable awnings add even more amazingness to patio doors and windows! Yes! More Amazingness! (Well they do!) 

Here are four reasons why having an awning professionally installed by a technician at Toledo Door and Window is a value added, amazing opportunity for you to upgrade your home with very little investment or effort!

Retractable Awnings Feature 5 Great Benefits, Including:

  • Cooler Shade
  • High UV Protection from the Sun
  • Outsmart Mother Nature and Bad Weather
  • Greater, Longer Outdoor Enjoyment
  • Higher Energy Savings

Plus so many more features for having an awning, include:

  • Easy Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Wind Resistant
  • Long Lasting, American Made Quality

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Secure Shade and Bring the Outdoors Indoors This Spring

At Toledo Door and Window we suggest for your spring project is to add a retractable awning! Awnings are the ultimate in convenience, protection, and affordability when it comes to bringing the sun in without all the harsh rays.

As a matter of fact, according to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately twenty percent of the air conditioner load. Outside shade products like our beautiful retractable and stationary awnings prevent solar radiation from penetrating through the glass at an alarming rate. Awnings can further substantially increase the amount of energy saved when compared to tinted glass and other film-like home alternatives. 

The recent study further discovered that fabric awnings reduce the amount of  heat gain by fifty-five to sixty-five percent during the time of the day when the sun directly shines on the southern exposure of windows and glass patio doors. Whereas, for western patio door and window exposure, the amount of reduction in heat gain is even more penetrating at seventy-two to seventy-seven percent according to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers! Therefore, installing an awning can create both a substantial savings when it comes to overall energy use and high utility costs.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Don't Let Your Garage Door Spring Ahead This Year!

Each year a garage door - yes! even a brand new one - needs to be checked for maintenance and adjustments! At Toledo Door and Window we specialize in long-term relationships with our homeowners and specialize in quality customer service and warranty backed products.

Call Toledo Door and Window for an honest and dependable service call at 419-475-DOOR (3667) or stop by  vast 3000+ square foot showroom featuring full size garage doors, windows, home door samples, and more for professional, courteous service conveniently located at 5153 Secor Road in Toledo, Ohio

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Good to Know Door Material Types

Steel Entry Doors
Steel entry doors have energy efficient foam core insulation. They come fully weather-stripped and are highly resistant to shrinking, swelling and warping. The tough steel construction of this type of entry door will withstand many years of extreme weather conditions with very little needed maintenance. At Toledo Door and Window we can paint to match or offer in a standard selection of colors.

Fiberglass Entry Doors
Fiberglass entry doors offer similar energy-saving features as steel entry doors do. Fiberglass entry doors can have beautiful, realistic wood grain textures molded into them to give the appearance of real wood. These type of entry doors can be painted or stained in many different colors. The high-quality construction makes fiberglass doors resistant to even more types of inclement weather as well as scratches and dents due to the composite materials involved. Fiberglass doors are always an excellent choice for extreme climates and high-traffic, demanding entrance ways.

Wood Entry Doors
All wood entry doors feature the absolute most traditional look of all entry doors. However, wood doors have a substantial weight which many feel adds an additional layer  of security and unmatched strength to any home. Wood entry doors are offered as stained or painted so as to add a natural, warm appearance to a home. Due to seasonal or changing climate needs wood doors are usually complimented with a frame/panel construction to counteract the effects. Wood species for entry doors can vary from inexpensive composite to fir or walnut to name a few.

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