Friday, January 29, 2016

Good to Know Door Material Types

Steel Entry Doors
Steel entry doors have energy efficient foam core insulation. They come fully weather-stripped and are highly resistant to shrinking, swelling and warping. The tough steel construction of this type of entry door will withstand many years of extreme weather conditions with very little needed maintenance. At Toledo Door and Window we can paint to match or offer in a standard selection of colors.

Fiberglass Entry Doors
Fiberglass entry doors offer similar energy-saving features as steel entry doors do. Fiberglass entry doors can have beautiful, realistic wood grain textures molded into them to give the appearance of real wood. These type of entry doors can be painted or stained in many different colors. The high-quality construction makes fiberglass doors resistant to even more types of inclement weather as well as scratches and dents due to the composite materials involved. Fiberglass doors are always an excellent choice for extreme climates and high-traffic, demanding entrance ways.

Wood Entry Doors
All wood entry doors feature the absolute most traditional look of all entry doors. However, wood doors have a substantial weight which many feel adds an additional layer  of security and unmatched strength to any home. Wood entry doors are offered as stained or painted so as to add a natural, warm appearance to a home. Due to seasonal or changing climate needs wood doors are usually complimented with a frame/panel construction to counteract the effects. Wood species for entry doors can vary from inexpensive composite to fir or walnut to name a few.

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