Friday, December 8, 2017

Get Ready to Design Your Home Your Way!

If you're like most homeowners, the thought of sorting through colors and style options and choosing a new entry door or replacement windows can be overwhelming. Now with ProVia you can design your home yourself AND with limitless options too!

Start Now with ProVia's Online Visualizer and Take the Guess-Work Away!
ProVia provides you with a way to look at typical model homes or your own home with new "skin", we've equipped you with tools to take away the guess-work and anxiety. ProVia product options offer you endless possibilities to create the home of your dreams.

Simply Click Here to Start Visualizing Your Dream!

Once you have your design created you can come to Toledo Door And Window to buy and receive expert care in finalizing your design project. Simply call us at 419-475-3667! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Considering A New Garage Door?

See what makes Amarr garage door windows one of the highest quality in the industry. Learn more about Amarr Garage Door Windows by watching this featured video from Amarr! Then call Toledo Door And Window at 419-475-3667 for more information or check out our website at!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Winterize Your Garage Early!

When it comes to winterizing at Toledo Door And Window, we often talk about replacing, repairing, inspecting, and upgrading, but there are also other measures and precautions you can take to keep the cold air out and the warm air in your home.

Keep in mind, often times the garage is a forgotten space that has a BIG impact on the temperature of the home. Here are a few tips to protect your garage and home from the temperature effects of winter.

Garages are not constructed to hold in heat, which may cause issues for some homes during the winter. In some instances, garage temperatures may even compare to the chilling outside temperatures, which isn’t ideal for you or the things stored in your garage. If you are not ready to replace your garage door or didn't purchase an insulated garage door - now is the time to insulate your garage door and walls. Insulation is one way to retain a bit of extra heat during the blistering cold months.

Aside from baby-proofing your home, many homeowners do not think much about covering their switches and outlets. This is why we suggest to take a few minutes this season to winter-proof your garage by covering any switches and outlets on an outside wall especially. This will help to keep some of the brisk air out!

Is your water heater housed in your garage (or perhaps in an unfinished basement in your home)? This one is really a great tip for you! Your water heater works very hard to keep your home’s water warm, but imagine how much harder it must work if the water heater is constantly cold on the outside. Invest in a water heater tank cover or blanket this season to alleviate the extra-added stress on your water heater, and more importantly YOUR wallet.

Once the flurries start this winter, you’ll be bringing all sorts of snow, salt and sludge into your garage. Before the winter comes upon you and this begins to happen, think about waterproofing your floor for protection. You’ll be glad you did come next spring!

Although this may be a bit of an extra investment or extreme for some, others may find that installing a garage heater is an investment they’re willing to make for the long term. Especially if you work in your garage during the winter months? Or if you store temperature-sensitive equipment or materials in your space? If you answered yes to either of these installing a heater may be the best investment for you!

Yes! Getting organized is the best way to winterize your garage! Start by putting away your spring and summer gear, tools and more! Gather and bring your cold weather supplies, tools and more to the most handy place. Especially your shovel or snow blower! Thinking about and considering these items ahead of time will alleviate a great deal of your stress later when winter comes upon you and your home!

Need more advice on where to start when it comes to your garage or home? We’ve got you covered at Toledo Door And Window! Call us at 419-475-3667 or check out our website at today!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5 Exciting Ways to Upgrade Your Garage!

Fall comes too early! And, it seems every fall it's the same problem! You walk into your garage, look around and think to yourself, “How did I get so much stuff in here?” So here are a few suggestions to take back your garage and use it for more than clutter and simple storage!

1. Utilize bare walls by creating a large pegboard wall to hang smaller hand tools, screws, nails and more.

2. Install hooks on garage walls to hang larger home tools like a weed eater, brooms, blower or a shovel.

3. Create a unique wall storage system with storage bins, shelves, drawers and more! This can allow for moving items of clutter to be more organized and off that prized floor space.

4. Once you’ve cleared enough space for your car, don’t let it get ruined and damaged! We suggest putting in a parking assist. While you could use the old hanging tennis ball, there is a much better way. The LiftMaster Laser Parking Assist Accessory which can fast help you to park perfectly every time.

5. And, not to be overlooked...consider installing overhead storage in your garage. It is often overlooked, but if you have any type of garage ceiling, installing overhead storage can really help clear out the clutter, but offer a truly optimized storage solution!

Since 1974 Toledo Door and Window - The Home of the Talking Door has been a leader in both the Home Improvement and Door and Window Industry. We have the area's largest door and window showroom in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area and a full-service window and door design, service and installation staff.

From Garage Doors and Openers, Entry Doors and Storm Doors and Patio Doors to Replacement Windows, Siding, Retractable Awnings, and More, you can be assured you are getting the best residential or commercial door or window product at the best price available. Call Toledo Door And Window today at 419-475-3667 or check out our website at!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Home Improvement Projects to Increase Resale Value!

According to recent surveys there are several ways to increase the resale value in your home! However, at Toledo Door And Window - Home of the Talking Door we want to focus on our top three recommended home improvements!

Upgrading your home's exterior entry doors can be easy, fun and inspiring. In the end, curb appeal will help sell your house; realtors will tell you it’s as simple as that. And the way your home looks from the outside from the curb depends a lot on the condition of your front entry door, and the garage door, too.

Most do not know, but it's true...French Entry Doors can add more than light when it comes to your home. If you are considering or just looking for a new special feature to add to your home, consider replacing an entry door or several windows with French doors. Not only will French doors let in more light, but this type of entry door can offer an open feel by providing the illusion of making the whole space feel larger. Plus, French Entry Doors can make for a romantic addition to your home’s listing and realtor's brochure. Add something like...“French doors leading to the garden” — don't you agree...doesn't that hav a nice ring to it!

Another great home improvement AND home investment is to add built-in shelving or cabinets in garages, or anywhere you have the space! New home buyers just love seeing great storage - especially in a garage! Upgrading your garage with storage, entry doors and automatic garage doors can add a lot of appeal — and more importantly even more resale value!

Learn more today by visiting Toledo Door And Window's showroom located at 5153 Secor Road in Toledo, Ohio or on the web at!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Increase Garage Security with Automatic Garage Door

Are you looking for an additional layer of protection for your family and home? Then, look no further than our automatic garage door deadbolt security solution!

It is well documented that more than 70% of homeowners use their garage door as the main entry point to their home - making safety and security a top priority for new and existing homeowners alike.

Toledo Door and Window is proud to offer the LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock, the industry’s first accessory deadbolt that works in tandem with select LiftMaster garage door openers. The Automatic Garage Door Lock provides an extra layer of protection for your home’s largest door, securing it every time the garage door closes.

Similar to a deadbolt for your front door, the LiftMasterAutomatic Garage Door Lock renders the garage door virtually impenetrable, automatically engaging and disengaging when your garage door opens and closes. An audible click is heard when the lock engages, providing homeowners with the assurance their garage door is closed and secure every time.

The LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock seamlessly integrates with the LiftMaster MyQ® app, which sends a smartphone notification if the garage door is left open and allows homeowners to close and secure it from anywhere with their smartphone.

To learn more about the LiftMaster Automated Garage Door Lock and increase the security of your home, please contact Toledo Door and Window at 419-475-3667 or checking our website out at!

About LiftMaster:  For more than 50 years, LiftMaster has engineered cutting-edge residential and commercial garage door products and accessories that work together to deliver comprehensive garage security. Add-on accessories like the LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock reassure homeowners their garage – a main access point to their home – is always safe and secure, whether they’re out running errands, at work or at home putting their children to bed.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

No time to visit the Toledo Door and Window Showroom at 5153 Secor Road, Toledo, Ohio? No problem - get started today by using a powerful visualization tool we have to configure doors and windows. It's simple to use our home visualizer tool!

  1. Snap a picture of your home or use a stock photo from our photo gallery
  2. Play with various combinations of entry doors, patio doors, storm doors, windows
  3. Discover the windows and doors that are perfect for your home

Are you ready to get started? Great - Simply click this link to the Visualizer now!

You'll also be able to view brochures, videos and photo galleries to when you visit our website at!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Make A Personal Statement With Your Entry Door!

Your home has it’s own style and every component works in harmony to create that style. Choosing a door and door glass that fits your needs, as well as your style, is important. We make it easy for you to make the choice that’s right for you. When you combine your preferred door style, door glass, paint or stain finish, plus hardware and accessories, the end result is a customized entryway that reflects your personalized style.

TOLEDO DOOR AND WINDOW HAS SUGGESTIONS TO GET YOU STARTED ON YOUR NEXT ENTRY DOOR! Call Toledo Door and Window at 419-475-3667, visit our showroom at 5153 Secor Road, Toledo, Ohio or check out our website at for more information!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Every storm door at Toledo Door and Window is individually customized to the highest standards in the residential home market for homeowners who appreciate impeccable, uncompromising storm door quality. See all the features here!

Call Toledo Door and Window at 419-475-3667, visit our showroom at 5153 Secor Road, Toledo, Ohio or check out our website at for more information!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Features of the Double Hung Window!

In case you were are the features behind our double hung window which most never learn about because they are afraid of getting a simple free estimate!

  • Premium Oak, Cherry or Maple hardwood interior
  • 3¼” frame depth
  • Proprietary European formulation vinyl
  • 1” ComforTech™ DLA-UV
  • Welded frame and sash construction
  • Compound Tension™ balance system for a quiet and smooth operation (Roller-Tilt™ balance system may be required for extremely large or small window sizes)
  • Interior glazing
  • Extruded sloped sill
  • Wood lift at lock rail
  • Neopor® insulation
  • Dual weatherstripping
  • Two integrated DualTech™ sweep locks and tilt latches (Windows less than 24” have a single passive DualTech sweep lock and low profile tilt latches)
  • Extruded aluminum full screen with UltraVue™ fiberglass mesh (Screen Frame matches exterior window color)
  • Jamb pocket color coordinates with stain and paint colors
Ready to learn more? Get a free estimate? Call Toledo Door and Window at 419-475-3667 or visit our website at to learn more about what it means to you and your home!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Window Design Solutions!

At Toledo Door and Window we understand you put a great deal of time, consideration and thought into decorating your home. Our Windows, Patio Doors, and Entry Doors by Provia offers several options for color, finishes, glass and hardware enabling you to design your patio door, windows or entry doors your way.

Whether you dream of a painted or stained interior, grids, internal blinds or Inspirations Art Glass, we can help you bring that dream of the perfect entry into a reality.

Call Toledo Door and Window at 419-475-3667 or visit our website at for more information about Provia Windows, Entry Doors and Patio Doors today!

Monday, January 9, 2017