Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5 Exciting Ways to Upgrade Your Garage!

Fall comes too early! And, it seems every fall it's the same problem! You walk into your garage, look around and think to yourself, “How did I get so much stuff in here?” So here are a few suggestions to take back your garage and use it for more than clutter and simple storage!

1. Utilize bare walls by creating a large pegboard wall to hang smaller hand tools, screws, nails and more.

2. Install hooks on garage walls to hang larger home tools like a weed eater, brooms, blower or a shovel.

3. Create a unique wall storage system with storage bins, shelves, drawers and more! This can allow for moving items of clutter to be more organized and off that prized floor space.

4. Once you’ve cleared enough space for your car, don’t let it get ruined and damaged! We suggest putting in a parking assist. While you could use the old hanging tennis ball, there is a much better way. The LiftMaster Laser Parking Assist Accessory which can fast help you to park perfectly every time.

5. And, not to be overlooked...consider installing overhead storage in your garage. It is often overlooked, but if you have any type of garage ceiling, installing overhead storage can really help clear out the clutter, but offer a truly optimized storage solution!

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