Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why Replace Your Windows In Your Home?

There are multiple reasons why homeowners replace their windows. Here are the top 10 reasons Toledo Door And Window has found over the years of working with customers in Toledo, Ohio:

1. Energy Efficient - The weakest link in a home for energy loss will always be the windows. You can realistically expect to save 15-20% or more on utility bills with replacement windows. Older homes with windows that have single pane glass will achieve the most savings, and will only continue to compound as the years go on. Newer homes with inexpensive windows can also have large energy drains. As windows get older the low quality parts wear out and lose their effectiveness in keeping out the heat and cold.

2. Maintenance Free – Most replacement window manufacturers today offer an exterior window requiring little or no maintenance. Other than regular cleaning and inspection on an annual basis, you should enjoy many years of worry free maintenance.

3. Easy to Clean – Today the amount of airborne particles in the air are extremely common. Dirty windows reduce the amount of visible light transmittance, therefore, the ability to clean your windows is more important than ever. Today's replacement windows feature new ways to assist in the cleaning process, such as easy tilt in sashes and casement windows that crank out and over to allow cleaning from the inside. Other replacement windows offer exterior glass coatings to keep windows cleaner, longer.

4. Aesthetics or Curb Appeal – New replacement windows can provide a new or updated look with great resale value. The replacement windows can also be matched to your original home to blend in architecturally while providing great energy savings. There are so many new options for color, hardware, grids, and interiors you can truly personalize your replacement windows to match your individual tastes and needs.

5. Comfort – The elimination of cold drafts and hot spots in the home throughout the entire year is a great benefit of replacement windows. Replacement windows offer comfort through energy efficiency with reflective properties to help keep radiant heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.

6. Noise Reduction – Double and triple pane glass, Low E coatings, Argon, Krypton gas, and modern weather stripping all contribute to a quieter home when you upgrade your home with replacement windows.

7. Safety – Today’s replacement windows have easy to use features that provide a fast escape in case of fire. Ease of operation, easy tilt latches and the ability to totally remove sashes can provide you with peace of mind too. In addition, tempered glass provides protection in high traffic and hazardous areas where there is danger of falling through the glass.

8. Durability – Quality replacement windows are built with the latest technological advances offering many years of trouble free performance, low maintenance, energy savings, and even limited lifetime warranties.

9. Re-sale Value – Replacement windows enhance a homes value and are one of many value rating points for appraisers. Depending on the replacement windows chosen you can expect to recoup 40-75% of the cost of replacement windows.

10. UV protection – Natural light from the sun produces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to both humans and home furnishings. Fading of carpet, furniture, floors, and curtains is common with old windows. Replacement windows can drastically reduce the amount of UV rays coming through a window.

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