Friday, March 10, 2017

Features of the Double Hung Window!

In case you were are the features behind our double hung window which most never learn about because they are afraid of getting a simple free estimate!

  • Premium Oak, Cherry or Maple hardwood interior
  • 3¼” frame depth
  • Proprietary European formulation vinyl
  • 1” ComforTech™ DLA-UV
  • Welded frame and sash construction
  • Compound Tension™ balance system for a quiet and smooth operation (Roller-Tilt™ balance system may be required for extremely large or small window sizes)
  • Interior glazing
  • Extruded sloped sill
  • Wood lift at lock rail
  • Neopor® insulation
  • Dual weatherstripping
  • Two integrated DualTech™ sweep locks and tilt latches (Windows less than 24” have a single passive DualTech sweep lock and low profile tilt latches)
  • Extruded aluminum full screen with UltraVue™ fiberglass mesh (Screen Frame matches exterior window color)
  • Jamb pocket color coordinates with stain and paint colors
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